Winter bike trips – five tips to prepare you

Bike Battery - October 27, 2020

As winter sets in on the roads, it’s time for bike riders to go easy with the accelerator and avoid sudden anything, viz., braking, speeding, overtaking and swerving. And not just this. You also need to be extra careful about cruising in the chilling weather. A little misjudgment can invite painful memories which can even turn into excruciating ones with the unforgiving cold. So, follow these simple tips and have a pleasant winter riding experience…

You may be a tough rider. But it’s not wise to go hunting without proper tools. If you are a real deal when it comes to motorcycling, then you already have your gear in place. If not, atleast invest in the basics – jacket, full-face helmet, boots, pants (optional) and a pair of gloves. These essentials will keep you warm and covered. Cold weather can wear you out easily. It then becomes difficult for the body to respond, especially the fingers. And if the fingers fail to spring into action while swaying on wet roads, we’re sure you get the picture of what follows.

Ya right. It may sound clichéd but it’s concluded from the typical bike rider behavioral patterns. The fact? They are in a hurry…well most of the times. So ride the bike well within your limits, given the slippery nature of the moist roads in winter. You will not be any bit less of a motorcyclist if you tread carefully for your own safety. Also, increase the breaking distance between you and other vehicles.

Cold weather implies colder tyres. If the tyres don’t get heated enough, there will be less traction between them and the road resulting in reduced riding control. Check if the tyres are worn out. If they are, the first thing you do after reading this blog is enter your nearest tyre outlet for a set of good tyres. Because, not just winter, good tyres are the carriers of safety every time you race that accelerator. Maintaining proper tyre pressure is also important before every road trip.

Before you cut through those foggy clouds, ensure you have fully functional headlight, including absence of dirt layers over it. Check for the battery status. If the battery is overused, get it checked or replaced. If it’s time your bike had a new battery companion, then visit www.tatagreenbatteries.com to choose the perfect match for your motorcycle. Further, fog and low winter sun may hinder your vision. It will do the same for others. Make timely use of indicators and use reflective clothing to alert others on the road too.

Keep more than one roadside assistance helpline number in your phone for a possible bike breakdown. Winters might keep them busy or cause delay. In such scenarios, you will have option to ask for the nearest one. After all being said, also learn when to stop. If dense fog has strongly acquired your route, then halt for a while. Riding merely on instinct may cloud your judgment. Like they say, “Better to arrive late than never.”

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