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TATA Green Sawaar-e

Crafted specially for e-rickshaw applications, the Sawaar-e range of batteries has the advantage of features like:

  • Higher mileage
  • Higher capacity
  • Ultra low maintenance – extra savings
  • Enjoy the promise of a long battery life
  • Faster after sales service – paperless warranty



Club Unstoppable- Your Roadside Companion!

Month Warranty | Capacity- Ah | Battery Voltage - V

MRP*: Rs. 365.00/-


SER30000 (Available only in Select Districts of West Bengal)

12F Month Warranty | Capacity-130 Ah | Battery Voltage -12 Volts V

MRP*: Rs. 13,990.00/-

Frequently Asked Questions

In case of any emergency or assistance, you may reach out to us using our toll-free number 09213100000 or 18004198888, TGY channel partner, or via e-mail.

• There are chances that the battery mileage will get affected if the e-rickshaw batteries are not fully charged. Typically, 8 – 11 hours of charging is required for an e-rickshaw battery.
• If the e-rickshaw is overloaded, then the battery power may not be enough to handle that load. As a result, the battery may fail to run for the desired kilometer range.
• Loose connections tend to create problems like overheating, melting of the terminal, electrolyte dry-out, and it may even cut down on the lifespan of your battery.
• Excessive vibration may affect battery performance; thus, your e-rickshaw batteries need to be kept on a rubber mat.

Our batteries are designed to operate under all tropical climatic conditions. However, if the battery is operated continuously under extremely low temperature, that is less than -10°C, then it can reduce the mileage by 50%. In the case of exposure to excessive heat, that ismore than 50°C, the battery life tends to get affected.

Electric rickshaw batteries or e-rickshaw batteries offer high-capacity charge but are low maintenance.

• A dead or damaged battery should be immediately replaced. Check your battery terminals on a regular basis, especially when you drive on rough terrains.
• Make sure to turn off functions such as lights, music, etc. when you exit your electric rickshaw as it takes a toll on your battery.
• Use a dry cloth to clean the battery and apply petroleum jelly only on the cable clamps and terminals. Make sure that the clamps are always firmly tightened and fixed to their respective poles
• If you are using a battery for an extended period, it can get corroded. So, check its condition regularly.

Tata Green Batteries are designed to handle extreme weather conditions and external sparks, hence Tata Green Batteries are safe to use.

Typically, an e-rickshaw requires 8 to 11 hours of charging. However, it may vary as per climatic conditions. If the batteries are not fully charged, it will surely affect the mileage. The e-rickshaw battery can run for 70 kms on a full charge. Low-cost battery chargers that are used to charge these e-rickshaws have a power rating of 500 to 700 Watts and are nonpower factor-corrected. E-rickshaw batteries have a longer life of six to twelve months. Check out the prices of Tata Green Batteries’ e-rickshaw batteries to order them online.

There are four batteries in an e-rickshaw.

The life of your e-rickshaw battery will depend on your usage and maintenance. Keeping the batteries optimally charged always is one of the ways to ensure a longer lifespan of your e-rickshaw batteries. Tata Green Batteries provide a warranty period of up to 6 months on their lead acid flat plate e-rickshaw battery.

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