Helpful tips for safety on road for your next trip..!!

Bike Battery - October 27, 2020

Safety on road is an ignored topic but road accidents in India account for 300 fatalities every day. Annually, the figure crosses over 1-2 lakhs. Most of them, resulting from ignorance towards road safety standards or bypassing traffic rules. If you have ‘subconsciously’ entered this zone, here’s a friendly wake-up call…

Need for Speed
It’s a catchy phrase. Brownie points given. But is it really a need? Or barely an excuse to punch that accelerator at outrageous speeds. Do not overlook speed limit signs and essentially the other important signs either. They are meant to get you where you are going, safely. Sudden jerks and untimely brakes at high speed will inevitably lead you where you definitely don’t want to be.

If those numerous road safety advertising gimmicks haven’t got your attention yet, allow us – “DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE.”

The advent of digital medium has evidently brought along some serious setbacks. Burying your head in the smart phone, laptop, electronic reader, tablet and any other distracting device while driving is extremely detrimental to your well-being and any other living being on the road. Resist the temptation to view videos, check e-mail, scroll through music files or following social media updates. Unlike you, all these things could be recovered and converted into good as new even after they crash.

No one ever said “Drink and Drive.”
Alcohol consumption will impair your physiological senses beyond any doubt. But it does not just stop here. The after effects of alcohol are infamous for afflicting one’s common sense. Naturally, you are more likely to miss out on your judgement and prompt response skills. It comes as no surprise that ‘drink and drive’ cases account for most number of road accidents. When returning from a party or function consider calling a cab, designate a sober driver in your group, use public transportation or call a friend or relative for a ride home.

Attentive Driving is Safe driving
While behind the wheel, focus at all times is crucial. Mind your surroundings viz., two-wheelers, pedestrians, stray animals, kids and unexpected road blocks. When driving through narrow lanes watch out for people stepping out of parked cars.

Drowsy Driving is Dangerous Driving
Many a times, the energy while venturing on a long road trip fades after a few hours. Then steps in the fatigue. Nevertheless, you are propelled by the adventure spirit. But fatigue can be equally hazardous as the driver can fall asleep behind the wheel. Constant yawning is the first sign of fatigue taking over. Stop. Drink some coffee or turn up the radio. If possible, get off the road for a while for a quick nap or proper rest.

Fog or Rain – Tread with care
Roads turn into dangerous grounds after heavy rains, storm or fog, as their usual condition is disturbed because of such natural phenomenon. Drive cautiously when driving conditions are bad.

Maintain safe distance
Always maintain a safe distance between your ride and the one ahead of you. That will clear off any chances of rear-end collisions which is another frequent site on the road. More distance to be kept when following a truck, trailer or any goods carrier vehicle.

Overtake without overconfidence
One of the major cause of road accidents is when the driver tries to overtake a vehicle or change lanes without signaling. What happens in such scenario is, the driver fails to identify the blind spots. Bottom line, use the horn, indicators, rearview and side mirrors to alert other drivers.

Pamper Your Ride
And what could possibly be safer than your ride in top condition? Set out on long trips but never before this quick checklist – Examine your lights. Check tire pressure. Make sure your brake, wiper blades, fluids and transmission levels are in order. Inspect the batteries. They constitute an important component of your ride. Click here For battery maintenance tips. If it’s time to replace your batteries visit www.tatagreenbattery.com and choose the best match for your ride. Even go for the minor details such as adjusting mirrors, wiping windows or secure any loose object like phone, camera or laptop. Last but not the least, keep handy your emergency contact list and always… always… wear your seat belts.

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