Know Your Battery

Know Your Battery

Heat Sealed Case to Cover

Protect against seepage and corrosion whilst bonded unit provides extra strength and durability.

Patented Sealed Post

Prevents acid seepage, reduces corrosion.

Special Active Material

Compounded to withstand vibration prolong battery life and dependability.

Unique Expanded Plate Grid Design

Increased number of plates for maximum starting power and to withstand severe vibration resistance.

AGM Seperator

Absorbed Glass Mat seperators immobilise acid electrolyte to make the battery spill proof. Valve regulated design eliminates water loss and the need for refilling.

Polypropylene Cover & Container

Gives greater resistance to fuel, oil, vibration and impact in extreme conditions.

Disclaimer: Product images are only for representational purposes. Please read user guide/manual for technical details. e.g. lead acid battery must always be fitted in upright position and not tilted so as to avoid acid spillage

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