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Crafted specially for your home, the Switch On range of inverter batteries have the advantage of features like:

  • Best Battery Life
  • Faster Charging
  • Hassle-free Performance


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Month Warranty | Capacity- Ah | Battery Voltage - V

MRP*: Rs. 365.00/-


SWITCH ON INTT3200 Inverter Battery

36 Months Flat +
24 Months Pro-rata Month Warranty | Capacity-160 Ah | Battery Voltage -12 Volts V

MRP*: Rs. 19,577.00/-


SWITCH ON INTT3000 Inverter Battery

36 Months Flat +
24 Months Pro-rata Month Warranty | Capacity-150 Ah | Battery Voltage -12 Volts V

MRP*: Rs. 18,862.00/-


SWITCH ON INTT3600 Inverter Battery

36 Months Flat +
24 Months Pro-rata Month Warranty | Capacity-180 Ah | Battery Voltage -12 Volts V

MRP*: Rs. 21,007.00/-


SWITCH ON INTT4400 Inverter Battery

36 Months Flat +
24 Months Pro-rata Month Warranty | Capacity-220 Ah | Battery Voltage -12 Volts V

MRP*: Rs. 23,865.00/-

Frequently Asked Questions

In case of any emergency or assistance, you may reach out to us using our toll-free number 09213100000 or 18004198888, TGY channel partner, or via e-mail.

In the case of inverter batteries, you might find that the battery is unable to hold a charge, or that it is making odd sounds. Tata Green Batteries’ tubular batteries ensure a high performance without any key issues and thus, is the ideal choice of inverter batteries for your home.

Our batteries are designed to operate under all tropical climatic conditions. Excessive heat (i.e. more than 50°C) can cause overcharging of the batteries and shorten its lifespan. On the other hand, cold weather (i.e. less than -18°C) can contract the electrolyte present in the battery cells. However, most battery manufacturers adjust the inverter settings to charge at room temperature so that it remains unaffected by temperature change.

Every time you clean your inverter batteries, check the levels of electrolyte. If you find that the fluid is not sufficient, fill your battery with distilled water. Tubular batteries require little maintenance, and thus, are the most suitable choice of inverter batteries for your home.

You can follow these simple steps to maintain your inverter battery:

• Always keep your inverter in a well-ventilated area.
• Clean the battery terminals regularly to prevent corrosion.
• Make sure the inverter battery is sufficiently charged to provide backup power. It will need about 8 hours of charging in case of complete discharge.
• The inverter battery electrolyte level needs to be checked every 3 month and top-up is necessary if it is below or near the MIN line.
• The inverter power capacity needs to be checked. If the load is higher, then the batteries need to be fixed as per the load application chart.

We offer you an extremely safe range of inverter batteries from the house of GS-Yuasa. Additionally, they are created using superior

Inverter batteries can broadly be classified into three categories: Flat plate batteries, tubular batteries, and sealed maintenance-free batteries.
Tata Green Batteries’ tubular batteries are highly efficient and thus, makes for an ideal inverter battery for your home.

The average lifespan of an inverter battery is 4 to 5 years. This is based on the warranty offer.

The longevity of your 12 volt inverter battery will depend on the load as well as the warranty period.

Yes. A hybrid solar inverter is fully capable of providing power supply without the use of batteries. Such inverters utilize the power generated by the solar panels to facilitate electric current during power cuts. On this website, you can look at Tata Green Batteries’ inverter battery prices and shop for inverter batteries online.

The Inverter itself charges the battery. In case you wish to charge the battery with a separate charger, you have to disconnect the inverter and the batteries.

You can simply check the digital screen of your inverter to know if it is charging. If you’re looking for an inverter battery for your home, tubular batteries are highly recommended. On this website, you can also check the prices of Tata Green Batteries’ inverter batteries.

If the inverter trips, you may need to press the trip reset button on the device to reset it. If your inverter battery is weak, it is advisable that you charge it for a few hours. Else if it is old, then it is a good idea to replace it altogether.

Distilled water must be added to the inverter battery on a regular basis. When it reduces, the battery will let off an alarm. It is always better to keep on filling your battery with distilled water before the level is too low. Distilled water removes the lead sulphate crystals and its accumulation on the plates. Once the level becomes extremely low the efficiency drastically decreases thus putting a load on the inverter battery.

This could be due to a high-power consumption and in such a case, you must remove the extra load. If the battery is not properly charged, then a problem like this could arise. Similarly, if the battery has lost electrolyte, then the backup time may be shortened. In this case, top up the battery with distilled water regularly. Remember that the water level must be maintained between the maximum and minimum water limit.

Yes, they can! The possible reasons for it can be –

• Low quality batteries with broken or non-ceramic fume filters that are more susceptible to catching fire.
• Low quality base in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and undersized tracks may create a short circuit leading to a fire.
• High room temperature and constant high charge power supply even at 40°C temperature.
• Low quality internal relay and no automatic cut off function when using an excess load.

Here is the formula to help you choose the right inverter battery for your home:

Step 1: Calculate Total Load
Step 2: Size of Inverter: Size of Inverter = Total Load + (1+Af) / Ie VA
Step 3: Size of Battery: Total Load of Battery Bank= (Total Load x Backup Capacity) / Battery Bank Volt
Step 4: Connection of Battery:

Series Connection:
Selection of Battery for Voltage = Volt of Each Battery <= Volt of Battery Bank Selection of Battery for Amp-Hr = Amp-Hr of Battery Bank <= Amp-Hr of Each Battery Parallel Configuration:
Selection of Battery for Voltage = Volt of Battery Bank = Volt of Each Battery

A tubular battery is a type of lead-acid battery wherein the positive plate is replaced with a tube that contains a charge. Due to this structure, tubular batteries are more efficient and last longer.
If you wish to shop for an inverter battery online, you may look at the prices of our inverter batteries on this website.

Yes. Like most other batteries, tubular batteries also need to be refilled with distilled water. However, the frequency is comparatively lower as they undergo a slow water loss.
Due to their high performance, tubular batteries are considered the best inverter batteries for a home. They can be relied upon for power supply during power cuts.

The key to increasing any battery’s life lies in regular maintenance. Here’s how to maintain your tubular battery:

• Protect it from extreme temperatures and corrosion.
• Always keep your battery charged.
• Minimize power consumption. If you’re looking for a long-lasting inverter battery for your home, tubular batteries are highly recommended. On this website, you may look at the prices of our inverter batteries.

A tubular battery is a type of lead-acid battery in which sulfuric acid is used as the electrolyte. When these two electrodes are dipped in sulfuric acid, chemical reactions generate direct current. The best part about these batteries is that these chemical reactions are reversible, thus making the batteries rechargeable.

Inverter batteries are energy storing units that are used to supply the necessary electric current during power cuts. Other than commercial use, they are very commonly used for household purposes.
When power is available, the inverter battery is slowly charged by the transformer at a low current. The battery contains this energy in the form of a direct current (DC). However, the electronics in the house employ an accelerating current (AC). Thus, at the time of a power outage, this direct current (DC) is converted into an accelerating current (AC) using alternators and transformers to provide electricity.
This is also known as uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Every UPS is equipped with a surge protector system to ensure safety while the source of power supply is switched from the mains to the inverter.
Since there is a risk involved such as overflow of current and sparks, it is crucial to buy a safe inverter battery.
Shopping for an inverter battery online is far more convenient, and thus, we suggest you check Tata Green Batteries’ inverter batteries on this website.

Inverter batteries primarily differ from automotive batteries in the following ways:
Automotive batteries provide intense current for a brief moment. The primary function of automotive batteries is to kick off the engine, which does not take more than a few seconds. After that, the alternator attends to the power requirements of the vehicle and recharges the battery to be used next.
Inverter batteries, on the other hand, provide a minimal and consistent current for extended durations. The basic role of an inverter battery is to facilitate the necessary power supply during an outage. These are also known as deep cycle batteries, as they do not get damaged even after being discharged for a long period.

Plates: Automotive batteries comprise of many thin plates whereas inverter batteries contain fewer plates that are thicker in width.
Electrolyte: Inverter batteries contain a higher volume of electrolyte to enable a uniform current for longer durations.
In case you need a new inverter battery for your home, you may either buy an inverter battery online, or check Tata Green Batteries’ inverter battery price on this website.

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