Reducing vehicular pollution – it only takes one to make a difference

Car Battery, Bike Battery - October 27, 2020

History is witness, every revolutionary action was triggered by one person. Global acts to curb pollution are nothing short of a revolution. The question is, where do you stand in it? How significant can your role be towards a greener future? It’s like this – We all love to ride. Feel the air. But who likes to intake pollution? Nobody. But what are we doing to avoid it? Most probably, Nothing. For any breathing individual, with a little gratitude for Mother Nature, and concern for his/her future generation, below are a few tips to reduce pollution individually, one day at a time.

Ditch the automobile twice a week and take public transportation for your daily commuting. Ride your bike or just walk if your office is close by. Carpool for longer journeys. If each of us follows this practice regularly, the emissions will reduce to a significant level.
Align your errands beforehand, and then head out to complete them in a single trip. Park and walk if your destination is near and crowded with heavy traffic. It is better than sitting in your car with engine running. This practice will not only reduce exhaust but also save gas.
Service your vehicle regularly. Maintain the engine in good condition. Keep a tab on PUC.
Replace an older, polluting, bigger car with a decently priced, low-emission, smaller car.

Maintain medium acceleration pace. That way, the vehicle consumes less gas and emits less exhaust. Drive carefully on unpaved roads or dirt surfaces. No one appreciates a cloud of dust.
Give up the habit of idling the vehicle, instead of turning it off at signals, parking or while waiting for someone. Even when warming up a vehicle, just drive it slowly for the first couple of kilometers instead of idling it.
Refrain from overfilling your gas tank to prevent gas leaks and faster evaporation. Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure for maximum output. A dragging vehicle exhausts faster resulting in more emission.

Switch to alternative fuels such as ethanol, methanol, natural gas and electricity which are cleaner, low-polluting than petrol or diesel. When buying a new vehicle, go for a smaller, fuel-efficient, eco-friendly model. These days, the automobile market everyday acquaints with Electric, Solar or CNG cars; which seldom or even don’t need fuel at all. Buy recyclable products for your vehicle. For example, TATA Green Batteries are 90% recyclable with minimum carbon footprint. And yes, they are available for all vehicle types, viz., motorcycles, cars, commercial vehicles, specialized equipments (off-road heavy vehicles), etc. These maintenance-free batteries are a product of TATA AutoComp GY Batteries Pvt. Ltd. (TGY), a joint venture between TATA AutoComp Systems Ltd., India’s leading auto component manufacturer and GS Yuasa International (GYIN), Japan, one of the World’s Largest Automotive Battery Manufacturers. Know more about these eco-friendly products at www.tatagreenbattery.com

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