Steer clear of heavy traffic: effective tips to remember

Traffic Tips - December 24, 2020

TRAFFIC !!! The very word sends a chill down the spine of daily commuters and travelers alike. Mostly the commuters, since it’s nearly an everyday experience. Jostling through a traffic jam is not just physically exhausting but also mentally draining. It takes more than normal human capabilities to get past every screeching vehicle on road, inch by inch. The fact that one can do only so much about it, is aggravating all the more. However, you can redefine this plight if not recoil it. No doubt it’s an obstacle in an otherwise smooth journey, but stressing about it will only make things worse. With below suggested tips you can avert volatile reaction towards the situation and perhaps even alleviate it!

Reroute your trajectory:
If possible reroute your everyday track and take the road less traveled. This will avoid high traffic areas even though it would mean journeying a little extra distance. It is worth the effort when you think of the ill-effects of a day started on the wrong foot.

Leave early, live stress-free:
It’s a known fact that companies always have a special place for employees who report to work on time or to put it correctly, ‘well before time’. So be smart. Leave home early to skip the daily ‘car-nage’ on road. Many would shrink at the thought of leaving for office early. Think again. It’s simply less stress on your vehicle engine, yourself, your HR and your day. Besides, you must have heard the expression, “The early bird gets appraisal earlier.”

Jingle all the way:
Study says, soothing music such as nature sounds, string performances, melodies, instrumental themes will keep you calm. It is indeed an enjoyable release from stress. Do not rock your way through the traffic. Listening to noisy and loud music will only add to the commotion.

Aromatherapy on wheels:
Consider this. Apply fragrant oils to your pulse point (inside of your wrist). Sniff from time to time and you’ll experience the soothing effect of the scent. You can always use car fragrances such as lavender, vanilla, peppermint or simply your favorite one to get going.

Cool comes from within:
Maintain the inside temperature of your vehicle at a comfortable level. Utilize the heat/air conditioning to keep your body temperature cool or keep windows open for fresh air as overheating is detrimental to stress levels. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing while driving. Put on a happy face. *Research suggests that going through the motions of smiling may reduce the intensity of your body’s stress response.

Healthy drink/snack comes in handy:
Keep a reasonable stock of nuts, fruits or protein snacks to chew on, or sip on some refreshing drink/water at regular intervals. It will curb hunger pangs if you are driving during meal time, restore your energy and relieve additional stress triggered by a hungry belly.

Is your ride ready:
The last thing you want is your vehicle to break down on a road crammed with commuters. It’s a perfect recipe for painful memories. Do a quick check of all functions, especially the battery. Make sure you have the best battery mate for your ride. Click to know How to choose the right car battery? and Click to find out the best suitable battery for your vehicle on our website Tatagreenbattery.com/MyBattery.

Be rational, not judgemental:
Taking deep breaths is a proven technique for eliciting relaxation. Turn your attention to what’s happening in the present moment: the vehicles, road signs, horns, distance and your feet movement. The key is to accept and approach the situation with a **mindful attitude.

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