Useful tips for a summer road trip

Battery Tips - October 27, 2020

For most of us, summer comes as a reminder of the proverbial ‘take a break’. Suddenly, a search begins for sandy beaches, forests, hill stations, savannah, distant relatives…just about anywhere that gives us the most needed recoil away from everyday toil. Then follows our year-long cherished dream –The Summer Road Trip! The challenge? SUMMER! More often than not, this most anticipated picnic turns into an arduous road tour amidst the scorching heat. However, some proper measures could prep you for a more rejuvenating cruise. Read on –

Plan beforehand: Taking the road less traveled is definitely an adventure, but planning beforehand how to travel is advisable. In the current heat inflation scenario, your confidence could be corroded by the unforgiving heat out there. Try to avoid afternoon driving and opt for early morning rides instead. Your engine also stays cool during the transit which delivers good performance and riding pleasure too. If you are churning out exhaustive number of kilometers, take small breaks to rest.

Vehicle Tune-up: Get your vehicle serviced well in time. Check the air conditioning, Vehicle batteries, tyres and other important components. Carry those sun blockers or even jumper cables just in case your car decides to give you a hard time. If your car/motorcycle battery is worn out, replace it with a reputed brand like TATA Green Battery, so you have one less thing to worry about. More info about these eco-friendly batteries is available at www.tatagreenbattery.com

Pack Smart: If you are riding, have your gear ready. For car journeys, here’s a checklist- sun block, sun hat, swimsuit, beach towel, sun glasses, light clothing, aloe, water bottle, umbrella and sun tan lotion. Also make an effort to pack light as much as possible. However, if your car is generous on the space parameter, take along a cooler or beach chair.

Ride Hydrated: Remember, you’ll get parched frequently. Carry sufficient water to keep your head straight. Get some home-made lemonade, juicy fruits and other healthy beverages which can help you beat the heat and ride comfortably for longer distances.

Eat Healthy: Taking long rides demands focus and stamina. Just so you know, fritters and fried stuff never gave superhero strength to anyone. Fruits, veggies and summer foods’ intake will keep you cool internally and give you the necessary impetus, required in the long run.

Know Your Territory: There is a plethora of travel apps available today. Check out the one which alerts you about different regions in terms of any hostile history. Once you get the ‘good-to-go’ cue, tread forward. Besides, you don’t want end up on a road with no water source or help for miles.

Save Contacts: They say, opportunity comes unannounced. Well, so does tragedy. And you want to be ready when you spot one. Keep your important contacts handy if any unexpected situations were to crop up. Better yet, keep someone in the loop. These days, there are road-side assistance helplines which could be of tremendous help in case of emergencies.

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