How to stay awake on those long-night motorcycle rides

Bike Battery - October 27, 2020

Night Rides are thrilling! No arguments there. However, there’s an annoying hindrance in the way of these after-dark joy rides…Drowsiness. The dangers of drowsiness contribute to several motorcycle accidents. When you are drowsy, you lose focus on the road, eyelids become heavy, disconnected thoughts pop-up and sometimes delusional feeling follows. It becomes difficult to ride if you are frequently rubbing your eyes, yawning or finding it hard to keep your head straight.

But that doesn’t mean you have to relinquish the pure exhilaration of riding through the night and greeting the early-morning orange skies. Try these simple tips to overtake your drowsiness.

Take power naps – A proper pre-ride nap or mid-ride nap would restore the energy for the journey. During the ride, if you feel drowsy, stop your bike at some busy place like the tea stalls, toll plazas or even just under some bright street light. Rest for a while or nap a little and voila! Let’s resume the ride…

Ride in packs – It’s always good to ride in groups at night than riding alone. That way, you can communicate, encourage, help each other in case of unexpected circumstances. Riding with a partner is also better as you can switch the riding every 2-3 hours.

Fast doesn’t beat sleep – Going faster seldom helps when you are feeling sleepy. It doesn’t kill the drowsiness but it might lead one into a near-death experience. As they say, better safe than sorry.

Unfriend Sugar – Take stops for refreshment. Although, drink ‘sugar free’ tea or coffee as sugar results in drowsiness.

Chomp on some gum – Chewing gum gives a little exercise to the mouth which avoids yawning and hence will stop you from dozing off.

Try wet cloth therapy – Wiping your face and neck with a wet cloth will refresh you instantly.

Keep talking – Have a conversation with to your pillion rider/partner on the topics of your interest.

Hate the music – Listen to the music which you DON’T like. Your favorite playlist will take you in the happy zone and make you nod off.

Stay light, stay hydrated – Eat lighter meals before leaving for a night ride. Mind the carbohydrate content in your meal as it will slow your body down. Drink plenty of water as it will help you in dehydrating yourself from the exposure to the wind.

Stretch, don’t stress – When you take halts, exercise for 5 minutes. Stretch a little, as prolonged riding puts stress on muscles.

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