How to choose the best 2 wheeler battery for the ride you love?

Bike Battery - October 27, 2020

Batteries are the lifeline of your bike. If you are shopping for an automotive battery there is a possibility that you have the least idea about them. Also, it is difficult to trust any other local mechanic when because it is the soul for your most prized possession. Finding the right battery for your bike can be tricky, but here’s a detailed battery buying guide that will help you make the ideal choice.

Check the current battery The first step before you buy the best-suited battery for your bike is by analyzing the current battery; you can know the complete details about a battery from the manual that was provided when you first got your bike.

Choose the best based on performance
Now since you know which type of battery or what model of battery you would require based on your bike specifications, you can go back and choose the same or search for a better choice that has a longer life and adds more power to your bike.

Select hassle-free batteries
Make sure the battery is maintenance-free; as these bike batteries are usually sealed after being filled with acid. This means that they will never need a refill or regular fluid level check.

Go for weather co-operating batteries
An AGM battery is a better choice if you live in colder climates as they don’t require frequent charging. These bike batteries can also withstand harsh road conditions and handle vibrating surfaces. If you live in places with extremely hot climate choose a battery which has a longer life.

Pick as per individual use
In case you use your bike only for short trips make sure you choose bike batteries that do not require to be recharged too often since short distances do not allow the alternator to get charged.

Choose renowned brands
Always buy branded bike batteries from some of the top battery suppliers in India. You can also visit https://www.tatagreenbattery.com/tatagreenbattery; they are one of the leading battery manufacturers in India delivering maintenance free bike and car batteries with amazing battery life, warranty and replacement.

Check the terms and conditions
It is very important to check the ‘bike battery life’, ‘bike battery replacement’ and ‘bike battery warranty‘ terms whenever you buy any battery. This will help you to compare between the brands and make the best choice.

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