Best Tractor Batteries In India: 5 Things You Need To Know

Battery Tips - March 30, 2022

If you are tractor owner and reading this blog you are probably aware the various types of batteries. At least Car and bike batteries. Tractor batteries, for various reasons, are slightly different than the car batteries and bike batteries and Inverter batteries. If you are aware about the batteries, you probably even know the difference and you may even say that I know few Battery dealers near me.
Let us go beyond and find out what makes the Tractor Battery different than other vehicle batteries. Here are the 5 things you need to know about Tractor batteries when you are choosing one for your tractor.

1. Cold Cranking Power Vs Ampere-Hour

Car batteries and Tractor batteries are differently made because of the difference in the requirements. The automotive batteries fitted in cars are rated for Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA). CCA the number of amps delivered for starting the engine. This rating is used to determine the power of the battery while starting the engine when the weather turns colder and still gives the optimum power. Tractor Batteries apart from higher CCA are also required to deliver consistent power per hour which is measured as AH (Ampere-Hour)
Clearly, as a consumer this is something I must keep in mind when I am going to replace the tractor battery the battery dealers near me.

2. Deep Discharge Cycle

Tractors don’t get to work every day. They are only used in seasons, periodically. Now that tractor is only used at certain time it sits idle for longer periods. Thus, the tractor batteries do not get enough charge through the system. Tractors are not meant for highways and not used to the speed like cars. This calls for an alternate arrangement for charging conditions.
Higher deep-discharge-cycle method is adopted to address this issue. The battery manufacturers make these batteries in a way that helps them hold the power for longer periods of time. Always check the specifications when you are shopping for a new battery and make sure they meet the required specifications given by your tractor manufacturers or the previous battery fitted in the tractor.

3. Tough Design

Tractors are meant for rough terrain. In the field jobs, like ploughing and harvesting. Tractor are also use for heavy work like transportation of sugar cane, grain and even live stock. Farmers in India also use their tractor for transportation of goods required for farming.
Being the nature of mostly the off-road vehicle tractors are always out to test and made to perform on tough grounds. Keeping these conditions in mind tractor batteries are generally more vibrations resistance in order to sustain the pressures and still perform.

4. Performance

Performance in all situations is the demand from the tractor battery. Tractors are so frequently seen working under tough conditions. They are out there no matter whether it’s the hot summer, or when it pouring out heavily and knee dip mud all over. Tractor is expected to perform so is every part that goes in the tractor. Tractor batteries are no exception here.
Tractors in India are not an everyday machine. They are built for a purpose and required to be used few times in a week or a month. Because of this specialized requirement the tractor battery needs to be reliable and so as to get the work done. Keeping this in mind tractor batteries are designed to start when you need it.
In terms of performance the tractor battery is required to be sturdy, durable and vibration resistance. For this reason, the container with good strength is used and the terminals as well as the battery plates are made to withstand the challenges.

5. Reliability

Tractors are a specialized, off-the-road, farm equipment and sort of purpose-built machines. They are not you everyday vehicle you can just pull-off and roll. They are made for a purpose and required to be used few times in a week or a month. This very specific purpose demands higher reliability in order for work to be finished in time and with commitment. Keeping this in mind tractor battery is designed to start when you need it. It has to be reliable to deliver any time, every time.

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