4 Key Elements That Contribute To the Price of Car Batteries

Car Battery - July 28, 2021

If you own a car or multiple cars then you definitely know that thecar battery price varies for each of your vehicle model. Did you ever wonder why so? Or did you know that there are multiple factors that affect the cost of the car battery that is fitted in your particular vehicle?
Just as any other spare part in your household devices or electronic equipment battery is a part or component fitted in the vehicle and sold separately by different manufacturers. In this article we are going to look at few key elements that contribute to the price of car batteries.

Every Vehicle comes with a Particular Capacity and size of the Battery

In an extremely diverse market like India you find diversity in the products as well. There are so many different types of cars available in India. Beginning with small hatchback to Sedan and SUVs to Premium Luxury Cars all are available here. All of these cars are different not only in their sizes and sitting capacity but also their engine capacity and required power. The bigger the engine more powerful your car will be, hence the battery needed must be of higher capacity thus it is bound to cost more compared to the lower capacity variants. So this tells us that the power generated by the car battery is directly proportional to its size. This is for a simple fact that if you want to generate more power you need more active material and the larger components like plates in the battery. So when the material used in the making of the battery is reduced or increased it affect the making cost of the battery and then the final price (MRP) is affected.

Different Types of Battery Standards

One of the very important factors that make a huge impact on the car battery priceis the International Standards in consideration. In India there are mainly 2 types of Battery Standards used in the cars: one is European Standard (DIN) and the other one Japanese International Standard (JIS). Battery with specification laid down according to the European Standards tends to be costlier than that of Japanese Standards even if the capacity of both the batteries is sometimes same.

The Technology used in the battery is important

When it comes to car batteries there are technologies like lead-acid batteries, Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries, Gel Batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries etc. Each type of these batteries is built with different technology and varying process. Charging system of the car also plays an important role which directly affects the car battery price.

Warranty and other features can affect prices

Some times when buying a battery can be particularly confusing if the battery looks exactly the same but still priced more than the other similar looking product. The reason behind this is simple. Most often the warranties of the two similar products you are looking at are different. One with higher warranty obviously costs more but it comes with more battery life too. Aside from the warranty there could be other minor features added like the Magic-eye used in the Tata Green Batteries’ products. Magic-eye helps you check the electrolyte levels without touching the vent-plugs. Even the type of vent-plugs used can be a point of price variation.
It is no thumb rule that the costlier battery would be the best one in the market. It all depends on the details listed above. So next time when you are ready to buy car batteries, do check for some of these facts while searching for the right battery. Thankfully you have plenty of options online to get your research done before you make the buying decision. If you are lucky enough just search for car battery near me on your phone or computer who knows you might get a great deal.

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