Automotive battery guide for installing car batteries

Car Battery - October 27, 2020

4 Wheeler Batteries don’t last forever, every automotive battery has a designated life after which it needs a replacement.

Changing a car battery is no rocket science and you can easily do it yourself, especially if you are in no mood to spend any extra bucks. Here’s a DIY guide, that will make replacing an old battery easier and less tedious for you.

Safety First:
Most car batteries contain acid in them and are located near the engine, which also has other liquids flowing around. Tata Green Batteries highly recommends you wear protective glasses, gloves and clothing to ensure you are not in contact with any material. Before attempting to work near the engine, it is also recommended to remove any rings or metal jewellery you might be wearing.

Check Your Car Location:
While changing the battery park your car away from traffic and on a flat surface and keep it away from any flammable material. Also, the 4 Wheeler engine must be completely turned off with the handbrake on.

Loosen The Battery Bracket:
With the engine off, pop the hood and find the battery. The next step is to loosen rusty nuts, bolts and screws and remove the bracket that holds the car battery in place. Avoid using a screwdriver as a pry-bar; this could break off your battery terminal or cause other damage.

Disconnect The Cables:
The two terminals of the battery have to be separated from the cables attached to them, that need to be moved aside before removing the battery out of the car. You can use an adjustable wrench to loosen the bolt and remove the black(negative) cable first and the follow the same for the red (positive) cable.

Clean The Tray:
The battery tray should be cleaned with a mixture of baking soda and water to get rid of the rust or other chemicals in the car and eventually wiped off with a dry cloth.

Replace The Battery:
Place the new battery into the car in the same location as the earlier one. Secure the battery in the bracket that holds it in place, connect the positive(red) cable first and tighten it before doing the same for the negative (black) one.

Your car should start without any problems if you have followed all the steps perfectly. If you are confused while choosing the best car battery for your precious 4 wheels, Tata Green Batteries has a wide range of battery solutions for you to choose from. Just log on to https://www.tatagreenbattery.com/tatagreenbattery/and view the best car batteries online. This amazing 4 wheeler battery brand provides its customers with best-in-class 4 wheeler batteries that have a long battery life, extended warranty, quality servicing and hassle-free replacement system.

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