95E41LT Jeevan - 18F

Built to answer your agricultural requirements, our brand new 90ah tractor battery boasts of cutting-edge Japanese technology from the house of GS YUASA and TATA’s impeccable industry know-how.
  • Warranty: 18F
  • Capacity: 20HR – 90Ah
  • Battery Voltage: 12 Volts

MRP: Rs. 9,749.00/-

*F= Flat; P= Pro-rata

About This Battery

  • Bears the seal of Tata trust
  • Best battery life
  • Experience the best cranking power in extreme weather conditions
  • Created with GS YUASA’s advanced technology
  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • Designed to offer the highest resistance against vibration


95E41LT Jeevan-2

Total Warranty


Battery Type




Reserved Capacity


Battery Voltage

12 Volts

  • 1. Each of our batteries is created with utmost care and precision, earning us the Trust of Tata. In fact, we have an edge over our competition owing to our warranty policies.
  • 2. Our 90ah tractor batteries are ingrained with an improved alloy combination that delivers a better conduction of electricity for a higher battery life.
  • 3. Our high cranking power is the reason your vehicle roars to life every morning! In fact, our CCA is the highest when compared to our competition even in extreme weather.
  • 4. Our 90ah tractor batteries boast of a sealed design that requires little to no service attention along with YUASA’s patented vent plugs for zero leakage.
  • 5. Our 90ah tractor batteries draw from a rich lineage that have been pioneers in industrial batteries, power backup and lithium-ion batteries, rightly making them Asia’s No.1 battery player.
  • 6. Superior Japanese technology together with the grid structure and radial design help increase internal resistance, making us ideal for rugged Indian applications.

Installing a battery is easy and hassle-free. Simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1 Turn OFF the engine.
  • Step 2 Disconnect the negative cable followed by the positive one.
  • Step 3 Loosen the clamps and dismantle the battery. Avoid using a hammer on the cable terminals as it may result in damaging the lid, internal post connections or post lid insert connections. In fact, open it with a coin.
  • Step 4 Place the new battery firmly in the cradle and check if the starter, alternator, and voltage regulation are operating correctly.
  • Step 5 Connect the positive cable and then the negative cable.


When cleaning your battery, use a moist cotton cloth and disconnect the negative cable before the positive one. When it comes to topping it up, use battery-grade distilled water only. Next, tighten your clamps and apply petroleum jelly. Check the output of the voltage regulator as both overcharging and undercharging can reduce the life of the battery. Recharge your battery only at the recommended current (amps).


Avoid storing the battery sideways. Do not install a lower capacity battery than recommended or interfere with the current charging setting in order to quickly charge the battery as this will seriously affect the battery’s life. While charging, do not connect or remove the battery from the charging circuit while the charger is on. Do not operate or charge the battery if the electrolyte temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius.

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