Empowering Young Women for a Bright Future

The TATA Group has always believed in giving back to society. This “giving back” doesn’t have to be monetary as long as it makes a difference.

At TGY, we always believe in making a difference. With this aim, we have adopted a girl’s orphanage named Gnyanesh Balsadan situated in Phulgaon village near Pune.

The girls from this orphanage do not have access to quality education and other basic needs. Due to the pandemic, most of their classes are being conducted online and many of the girls are deprived of attending these classes due to the absence of computers, laptops, or digital facilities. Hence, we as a team decided to provide them with laptops, school bags, shoes, and other needs, which will help them learn and keep up with their classes.

In the next phase, we plan on providing them with three more laptops and a subscription to online courses, which will help them nurture the basic skills required to pursue their career. We also visit them at regular intervals to offer them advice for their careers.

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