Top 5 Functions Of A Car Battery

Car Battery - March 31, 2022

Lead Acid Battery is the heart of the car. Just like the heart in human body supplies blood to the body the Car Battery supplies power to the car or to it components to be precise. Lead acid Battery being one of the most important components in a car has many functions and responsibilities to take care of. There are many factors that come in to play when choosing the battery for your car. Some of them are battery capacity, warranty, serviceable area and the brand of the battery. Car battery price varies depending on these factors.

1. Power House Of The Car

When you look at a car battery at first you don’t imagine it to be such an important equipment. Lead acid battery is a simple cubical container that holds chemical mixture and the positive and negative plates inside. This chemical mixture is called the electrolyte solution. The capacity and the strength of the contents of the battery often determine the Car battery price.
Lead acid battery is considered the powerhouse of the car for a valid reason because it does exactly what the powerhouse does for the society. Lead acid battery generates and stores energy for later use for various needs in the car itself.

2. Powers The Ignition System

The moment we think of the ignition system the car key comes to our mind. Or the Start switch in case of lot of new vehicles these days.
The ignition system has one sole purpose. It is to send a signal to the battery to generate highest possible voltage in order to send this to all the sparkplugs which then ignites the fuel in the combustion chamber.
As easy as it may sound but the process is solely and primarily dependent on the power that comes from the battery. Hence it is very crucial to maintain the battery and keep it charged lest it fails to ignite when it is needed the most.

3. Without Battery Engine Wont Fire

As we read above the role of the battery is crucial in the Ignition process. So, I clearly it means if the battery is weak or dead the ignition wont work and the power required to fire the engine will simply no be available.
Every car model comes with specific energy requirements. Because of the complex systems likes bulbs, ACs, Stereo and other electrical components today the battery needs to be a right it for every make and model. In case of engine, they look for Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). CCA rating of the battery determines the capacity or the ability of the battery to start a particular vehicle when the temperature falls drastically. Low CCA rating means lower performance in cold whether and the higher the CCA better the starting power. In some cases, CCA rating plays a role in Car battery price variations.

4. Heart Of The Electrical System

With the rise in the quality and performance of the electrical equipment it demands better performance the battery.
Now a days power windows, power steering and stereo are the must have for the new generation buyers. New components have added to electricity consumption with already existing components like headlamps, brake lights, indicators, horns, wipers and things like that. Lead acid battery single handedly supplies all the power needs in the car.

5. Power Serge Regulator

Lead acid battery does not stop working once the engine is started and the vehicle is running. In fact, it keeps working all the while you are driving the car. The battery is busy generating and supplying power to various components whenever you need it. While the car is on the move there is chance of voltage spike due to the over usage of some o the components. The battery acts as a serge protector in such situations and absorbs the extra voltage preventing possible damage to the electrical system.

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