4 reasons why your car battery could be getting drained sooner than you think:

Car Battery, Battery Tips, Bike Battery - October 27, 2020

One of the scariest situations that you can or even might have faced is that you’re running late for a meeting and your car refuses to start. rush to your car, only to find out that it won’t start. The headlights are dim, the ignition is feeble and the engine simply stutters and dies with every turn of the key. It is only in such situations that we realize we’re dealing with a dead battery. But, have you ever wondered what are the most common causes of this? They are simple human errors – like leaving the headlights on, not shutting the trunk of your car or maybe even leaving on some light inside the car.

Here are the 4 reasons why your car battery could be getting drained sooner than you think:

1. Accidentally leaving the car headlights on after parking:
This is an error majority of the drivers have made at least once in their lifetime. Leaving the headlights on is one of the reasons why the car battery drains out sooner than expected. Leaving the headlights on for longer periods of time and worrying about battery draining is a thing of the past. #WeGotYourBack with our hassle-free maintenance technology.

2. Leaving electronic devices charging for long periods:
This has lately become the biggest reasons behind the car battery draining out. We put our Smartphone’s or tablets for charging unknowingly while it’s on battery mode. These gadgets drink up your battery power when left unattended for a long period. But with TATA Green Batteries longer battery life, #WeGotYourBack even when you leave your device plugged in and charging.

3.Leaving the music system on:
The music player in our car requires electricity to play your favouritemusic. The source of this electricity obviously is your car battery. One of the most usual mistakes we all have made at some point in time in our lives is playing the music without running the car engine. With TATA Green Batteries longer battery life, the music never needs to stop. #WeGotYourBack with any entertainment you need for your car.

4. Faulty Charging:
If your car charging system isn’t working properly, your battery can drain itself even while you’re driving. Most cars power their lights, radio, and other systems from the alternators which makes the battery drain worse if there’s a charging problem. The alternators usually have worn-out tensioners or loose belts that keep it from working properly. TATA Green Batteries ensure your battery comes free from all such small troubles so that faulty battery charging is never an issue. #WeGotYourBack with our easy-to-charge batteries.

Take long trips or short, power up your phone or the phones of all your road trips, when it comes to longer battery life and hassle-free maintenance, rest assured #WeGotYourBack. Take to the roads with confidence only the best car batteries and two-wheeler batteries can provide you with. Switch to TATA Green Batteries!

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