SER30000 (Available only in Select Districts of West Bengal)

Presenting to you the all new and improved 130ah new e-rickshaw battery which is more power-packed to provide higher mileage with ultra-low maintenance.
  • Warranty: 12F
  • Capacity: 130Ah
  • Battery Voltage: 12 Volts

MRP: Rs. 13,990/-

*F= Flat; P= Pro-rata

About This Battery

Crafted specially for e-rickshaw applications, the Sawaar-e range of batteries has the advantage of features like:

  • Higher mileage
  • Higher capacity
  • Ultra-low maintenance – extra savings
  • Enjoy the promise of a long battery life
  • Faster after sales service – paperless warranty



Total Warranty


Battery Type



Reserved Capacity

Not Applicable

Battery Voltage

12 Volts

  • Long Distance Mileage – consistent battery performance at deep discharge over a longer period of time
  • Modern and Robust Terminal Design – prevents short circuit and terminal orientation changes
  • Deep Cycle design, high charge acceptance and ability to perform well in partially state of charge conditions
  • Compact structure with increased mass and high surface area of active material
  • Step 1 – Turn OFF the switch
  • Step 2 – Disconnect the negative cable followed by the positive one
  • Step 3 – Loosen the clamps and dismantle the battery. Avoid using a hammer on the cable terminals as it may result in damaging the lid, internal post connections or post lid insert connections
  • Step 4 – Place the new battery firmly in the cradle
  • Step 5 – Connect the positive cable and then the negative cable. Use the series connection for 48V system


  • In case of battery lying idle, ensure refresh charge to be done once in a month as per TGY guideline
  • Terminals should be kept clean
  • Clamps should be firmly tightened
  • While fitting a battery, remove the battery Negative terminal first and then Positive terminal
  • Top of the battery should be kept clean and dry always
  • Topping up should be done with battery grade DM distilled water only
  • Check the battery, Charger & Vehicle mechanical/ electrical parts once in a month
  • Charge the battery fully before use as per recommended charger & time
  • Returned used/ old batteries to authorised Distributor/ Smelter


  • Don’t install battery loosely or without clamp
  • Don’t use old/ rusted terminals
  • Don’t over tighten the clamps
  • Don’t use other chargers for charging battery than recommended
  • Do not top up with acid/ Mineral water/ tap water or over-fill the battery
  • Don’t use the vehicle if battery is fully discharged
  • Don’t use battery beyond 75% discharge
  • Don’t remove/ loose the Vent Plugs while washing, which may lead to water entering the battery

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