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  • A man's sense of responsibility towards community & environment
    Posted on: 06-Mar-2014
    TGY employees recently hosted a group of deaf and mute children from Anand Gram - a wonderful event
    CSR is already textured in TGY’s value system. On march 6th 2014 on its long-standing commitment TGY welcomed whole heartedly deaf & mute children from Shirur, Anand gram to our TGY plant.

    The main credo behind the event was to dedicate few hours of our life for a great cause in making these children smile.

    We had organized food & had plenty of fun games for these children’s. Interestingly they all played the games like true sportsman with a very disciplined manner.

    The event was quite enthusiastic for everyone , we were thrilled & awe stuck when these children surprised us with their drama presentation on the prevention of excessive mobile use & female children danced to the tune of some of the Bollywood hits. They just took our breath away with their innocent & yet matured act.

    The event ended with every one having the impulse to spend as much time possible with these children. These children just look for support & friendship, i think we did our best in taking the first step successfully towards them .

Vehicle batteries for Tata green parivar employees