Vehicle batteries for Tata green parivar employees
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  • CSR - Another Day In Paradise
    Posted on: 31-Jul-2014
    On 17th July’14, we paid a special visit to our adopted school for special children – “Anand Gram”

    We made a bright start to the day by sensitizing the kids about the importance of environment & basic hygiene via an animated video. An interesting question & answer session ensued post the video playback, affirming the impact of the exercise. This was followed by fun games and a round of snacks. In the second half, the talented bunch staged multiple acts on the central theme of ‘cultural diversity in India, green environment & the importance of staying together in family’. The powerful performances moved us and resonated with the collective spirit. The top management – including Hatanaka San, Shiota San & Vikramjeet Singh, head of HR, then proceeded towards a tree plantation initiative, aided by the children. Before bidding adieu, we distributed gifts to the children. The delightful moments were frozen in time via candid photographs, signalling a perfect end to a fulfilling, joy-filled day!

Vehicle batteries for Tata green parivar employees